Are App Reviews Worth Reading?

What I learned from reading thousands of app reviews.


I recently read thousands of reviews about our Dropbox app. Call me crazy, but it was the most riveting thing I’ve read all year. I laughed, I cried, I got warm fuzzies inside.

Why in the world would anyone read so many app reviews? Well, I was on a mission. I wanted to learn more about our users and what they thought about our product.

Yes, we run user studies at Dropbox, but I wanted to know more. I wanted to hear from people across the globe. I wanted to read their actual words — tirades, triumphs, and all.

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Looking back at this experience, I have to say it was incredibly humbling. I learned new things about our users that I never would’ve learned otherwise.

Curious to know what I learned? Below are some of my biggest takeaways from reading these reviews.

Do You Read Your App Reviews?

In a casual Twitter poll, 37% of app creators said they rarely or never check their app reviews. Are you one of them?

Yeah, I know reading app reviews takes time, but I think it’s totally worth it. If you want to learn more about who’s using your app, read what they’re saying in app reviews. If a user is taking time out of their busy day to share thoughtful feedback, shouldn’t you spend time listening to them?

Oh, and in case you do want to dive into your app reviews, it might help to use a service like Appfigures. It makes it a lot easier to search and sift through your review data.